A Guide to Listing Remote Work on a Resume

Even if your company has a tech department, if your screen suddenly goes blank, it’s up to you to fix the problem quickly so you can get back to work. As the work landscape evolves, the rise in remote work opportunities has undoubtedly caught the attention of many job seekers. As a matter of fact, according to a survey conducted by remote.co, 84% of those asked answered the top factor they use to evaluate job opportunities is remote work. Failing to tailor your resume or CV according to each role can mean missed opportunities.

  • This way, you’ll be sure to maintain optimal levels of motivation when working remotely.
  • Similarly, you can include your remote work experience as part of your work history.
  • Although most job listings specify the job is remote, that might not always be the case.
  • So, if your job is in one of these industries, you might want to consider switching to a more remote-friendly job.
  • If you have a plenty of achievements to show off, the fact that you’ve achieved great results while working from your couch will add those achievements extra value.
  • If you had plenty of freelance projects or jobs with the same job title and similar responsibilities, you can group them under the same title, i.e. “Marketing copywriter – Freelance”.

One thing to keep in mind is that the tech industry tends to have the best remote job openings and the most variety. Learning tech skills makes you more qualified for more of those job openings, though there are some that you can get with only basic tech skills. In this section, it is key to add notes on understanding how digital records work to illustrate what you contribute to the company from the comfort of home. These include video conferencing software, collaborative social media, task management tools, etc. In this case, you list responsibilities and accomplishments as usual and mention that some of projects or assignments were done remotely.

What Not to Do When Listing Remote Work

It’s easy to fall into the trap of short-term thinking when working remotely. This is a great way to get an overview of your personal productivity when working remotely. As fun as it might https://remotemode.net/ seem to lay in bed all day with your laptop – you won’t get a lot of work done that way. For those used to going into the office every day, remote work can take some adjustment.

  • Instead, you should “have your references ready and keep them updated during your search,” Papadopoulos says.
  • If you have been doing work remotely, you gained the opportunity to brush up, or even perfect, your communication and time management skills.
  • Detail-oriented and results-driven content writer with six years of experience in digital content writing while working remotely.
  • Add them to your resume but don’t just list these skills, explain how they helped you complete your work successfully.

If you have a plenty of achievements to show off, the fact that you’ve achieved great results while working from your couch will add those achievements extra value. ZipJob is a premier resume-writing service that has been helping job seekers create job-winning resumes since 2016. Our network of over 100 professional resume writers are experts across all industries, including IT, business, marketing, and sales. As such, it’s a great place to also mention you prefer working remotely or highlight one or two in-demand remote working skills, such as your reliability or your excellent time management.

How to Write an Effective Remote Job Resume (+ Examples)

Without superior communication skills, you may find yourself correcting the record or apologizing for frustrations your miscommunication caused. Set yourself apart with these quintessential work-from-home skills, backed by solid examples how to list remote work on resume that demonstrate your expertise to get yourself in the ‘to interview’ pile. It also doesn’t hurt to mention that you know how to use Microsoft Office, Adobe PDF editors, and other basic software that’s typically used in an office.

Working from home can be hard for many to maintain focus or motivation, and some are just not skilled technically enough. Using quantifiable achievements, however, will put your accomplishments into a perspective that will market your capabilities better. For example, “Remote – City, State” or “City, State (Remote)” shows that you were telecommuting but also allows you to provide a pertinent detail about your employer. There are a few different options for formatting your location if you’ve primarily worked from home.

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